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Suntory Horoyoi Assorted SEASONAL Chu-Hi Cans (6x350ml) [ Shochu Cocktail ]

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This pack contains 2 x Ice Pineapple, 1x Melon, 1 x Peach & Pear, 1 x Amanatsu Orange and 1x Yuzu

For custom orders:
If you wish to switch out any flavors, please Include it in the REMARKS before checking out & message us in the SHOPEE CHAT and we will customize your order.

Horoyoi is a popular, canned chu-hi beverage with an alcohol content of 3%. With a variety of unique flavors offered year-round, as well as highly anticipated limited-edition seasonal flavors, Horoyoi is the perfect choice for an enjoyable and casual drinking experience. For people who do not necessarily like the strong taste of alcohol but love to drink!

• Suntory Horoyoi Peach & Pear soda the package expresses the “freshness” and “gorgeousness” that are the characteristics of the taste of each of the two flavors in shades.
• Suntory Horoyoi Yuzu soda it features a refreshing taste that harmonizes the aroma of yuzu and the acidity of hassaku orange
• Suntory Horoyoi Ice Pineapple soda finished with a taste that feels the refreshing acidity and sweetness of pineapple.
• Suntory Horoyoi Melon soda is refreshing and delicious. With the nostalgic taste of sweet melon perfectly complementing the fizzy soda and slight alcoholic kick.
• Suntory Horoyoi Amanatsu Orange calls forth a refreshingly natural-tasting citrus flavour and aroma upon the nose and palate. The effervescence and nostalgic bittersweet citrus really represent the best of summer!

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