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Mathieu Teisseire Chocolate Syrup 700ml

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Rich dark cocoa flavours. A deliciously complex combination, gently sweetened by a praline taste and a little bit of vanilla.


Nearly 300 years ago, in the foothills of the French Alps, Mathieu Teisseire was so inspired by the taste of ripe, juicy cherries that he created a liqueur that truly captured the rich flavour of the fruit.

Mathieu Teisseire’s passion for concentrating flavour is the inspiration for what has become the no.1 best-selling syrup in France.

Over the last three centuries, our syrups have elevated the taste experience of countless glasses of water, refreshing cool drinks, cups of coffee & tea, and mocktails & cocktails of every kind.

Mathieu Teisseire – expertise in crafting true, French flavour since 1720.

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