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MATE MATE Original Natural Yerba Mate Energy Tea 250ml x 4 Cans

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Gluten Free

Lactose Free Made from Natural Yerba Mate Tea Leaves

Natural Energy from Mate Leaves

Natural & Healthy Clean Ingredients

Extra Caffeine: 30mg/100ml (75mg/250ml can)

Sparkling Tea Trend from BERLIN

Refreshing Taste Low Sugar, using Agave Syrup

Happy Long Lasting Energy, no crush

Less sweet than most iced teas and energy drinks

Enjoyable long boost

Unique, brightly coloured packaging

Spreading warm-hearted, positive energy

Open-minded creative, playful vibe


Yerba Maté has a long history in South America Yerba Maté gives the same amount of energy as a cup of coffee, without the jittery feeling that some people get from caffeine Rich source of antioxidants, boosting immunity, increasing circulation, protecting liver cells, serving as a digestive aid, helping with weight control and more Widely consumed as a health food and available in large supermarkets in Europe, Australia and the United States In fact, the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and polyphenols found in Yerba Mate have a balancing effect on the caffeine it contains which increases mental energy, clarity & focus

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