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Laiba Pre-Mix Cocktails 7 Different Flavors (Bundle of 6) [90ml ~ 125ml]

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LAIBA Passion de-light has the cucumber infused vodka taste alongisde with the compliement of the  lime juice, green apple juice, passionfruit puree and stevia syrup. Leaving the tart, crisp and refreshing taste with no added sugar

LAIBA In Love with Rosemary contains strawberry & rosemary infused gin, aperolm lemon huice, green apple juice, homeade lemon peel & rosemary infused syrup leaving us with bittersweet and refreshing with undetones of strawberry and rosemarry

LAIBA Sour makes up of bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, nutmeg & hazelnut infused maple syrup, bitters. Do’t get too fooled by its name, but instead leaving the tinge of sweetness and sourness

LAIBA I Am Coconuts appeals more to the minty consumers, with its red chili & kaffir lime leaf infused white rum combination while not forgetting to add a little of sourness by adding the lime juice, green apple juice & coconut syrup combination. Leaving the taste of a sweet and refreshing with a hint of chili

LAIBA Cold Brew Martini reaches out to the coffee lovers, with its elements of vanilla infused vodka, dark rum and cold brew coffee. Not forgetting to leave a light taste of sweetness by adding the salted caramel essence to it. Vanilla and Chocolates lovers, you are in for a treat

LAIBA Earl’s Old Fashioned would be the favourite for Tea lovers matching it with Earl Grey Tea & slight tinge of burnt orange infused bourbon whisky & homemade vanilla syrup. With its complex combination, but still not losing its original taste with the undertones of caramel, citrus and oak

LAIBA Twisted Negroni brings out the strawberry & rosemary infused gin taste with an addition of blend cinzano & punt e Mes vrmouths, campari. It will taste slightly bitter but with its undertones of strawberry and rosemary, the after taste turns out to be more well-balanced

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