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Asakura Koji Whisky Premium Single Grain Whisky 500ml

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More than a century ago, a man from Japan introduced a revolutionary technology to America that has been used to brew sake for milleniums.

His name was Dr. Jokichi Takamine. He tried to replace the usage of malt with a substance that has higher saccharification capacity than malt, koji. This marks the beginning of “koji whisky”. As good as it may sound and technologically advanced at the time, it was not put into use.

However, back in Japan, this technology has been constantly utilized and refinded to brew sake and distil barley shochu. At Shinozaki, we have more than 220 years of experience in brewing and distilling, enabling us to create “new” from our tradition. In order to make the doctor’s dream reality, we have been maturing the barley shochu in oak casks for decades to create the koji whisky.

Asakura is a koji whisky that is matured for at least six years. It offers many flavour characteristics that world-famous Japanese whiskies have and even smoother texture that only cask matured shochu can achieve.

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