Teisseire Mojito Syrup 600ml


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Nearly 300 years ago, in the foothills of the French Alps, Mathieu Teisseire was so inspired by the taste of ripe, juicy cherries that he created a liqueur that truly captured the rich flavour of the fruit.

Mathieu Teisseire’s passion for concentrating flavour is the inspiration for what has become the no.1 best-selling syrup in France.

Over the last three centuries, our syrups have elevated the taste experience of countless glasses of water, refreshing cool drinks, cups of coffee & tea, and mocktails & cocktails of every kind.

Mathieu Teisseire – expertise in crafting true, French flavour since 1720.

A refreshing and sweet blend of herbal mint and lime flavour. But it wouldn’t be an authentic Mojito without adding the zesty tang of lime.

Use in Cold Drinks, Water, Alcohol, Hot Drinks

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