Takara Shuzo Yamanashi White Peach Liqueur 720ml


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Sweet taste of white peach that gently melts in your mouth

This liqueur with an elegant sweetness of white peach gently melts in your mouth and goes down easy.

Made with white peach from Yamanashi, Japan’s largest producer of peaches

The white peach used is from Yamanashi Prefecture, the largest producer of peaches in Japan.

Self-explanatory label design with prominently positioned white peaches

The label has white peaches prominently positioned, making it easy for anyone to imagine what the liqueur tastes like.

Also, the label effectively promotes the white peach producer with an illustration of Mt. Fuji, a noted mountain partly located in Yamanashi.

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Founded in 1954 in Nada, the sake brewery was completely renovated and renamed Shirakabegura in 2001 by the Takara Shuzo Group, which specializes in the production of alcoholic beverages.

Combining traditional brewing methods, high quality ingredients and modern equipment, Shirakabegura applies Takara Shuzo’s philosophy of respecting the environment and traditions.

Brewed with Miyamizu water known for its purity and mineral properties, Shirakabegura’s sakes are made from the best varieties of rice such as the famous Yamada Nishiki rice, Gohyakumangoku and Omachi.

Famous for its shochus, Takara Shuzo has succeeded in diversifying by developing a range of sakes that enable it to compete with the greatest houses in Japan.

This alcohol is soft to the palate, revealing the fresh and sweet flavors of the peach which are expressed with intensity in an almost creamy texture.

To be enjoyed chilled, Yamanashi White Peach Liqueur can be served just on the rocks, with sparkling water or as a cocktail ingredient.

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