Perfume Trees Craft Gin 500ml


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For over a year, the local founders tirelessly composed different blends of botanicals, working closely with local farmers and suppliers to best understand the terroir and aromas that truly represent Hong Kong – whilst achieving the ultimate harmony and balance of complex flavour. The result is a bottle of gin that captures the very heart and soul of Hong Kong.

A small sip is enough to transport you to the blossoming breezy summer in the colourful streets of Hong Kong, wherever you may be.

Since its launch, Perfume Trees Gin has been awarded in almost every major competition in the world.

Notable Awards
2020 World Gin Awards
Best Design Label
2019 Gin Masters Asia (UK)
2019 World Gin Award (UK)
Best Contemporary Dutch Gin
2019 International Wine and Spirits Competition (UK)
90 pts
2019 Gin Masters (UK)
2019 China Wine and Spirits Association
Double Gold
2019 SIP Award (USA)
Platinum – Best Of Class (Gin)

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“Capturing the essence of Hong Kong has always been our dream. Using the classical spirit of gin as a canvas, we have painted broad brush strokes of traditional fragrances and aromas, transporting you on a gentle breeze to a portrait of our Hong Kong,” says Kit Cheung, main founder of Perfume Trees Gin

To tell the story of a city of contrasts is no easy task. When Joseph and Kit set out to make Hong Kong’s first ever gin, they were on a mission to capture the fission and fusion of the city’s colliding cultures. We work closely with local farmers and suppliers to understand the terroir of Hong Kong. By selecting aromatic, evocative botanicals, our gin captures the very heart and soul of Hong Kong, and transport the drinker to the city’s colourful streets.

Perfume Trees Gin take pride as pioneers of gin brand of Hong Kong, and it is the most internationally awarded gin in the Pan-China region.

Our gin was inspired by the very unique and interesting cultural upbringing of Hong Kong. HongKongers bear many identities, ethnically we are mostly Chinese, however we also very westernised at the same time, from the language we speak (Cantonese) being influenced by English, to the food we eat. We are exposed to so many different cultures, flavours and we are a unique blend of these experiences.

Inspired botanicals such as White Champaca Flowers, Sandalwood, 15-Year-Old Aged Tangerine Peel, Long Jing Tea and Chinese Angelica from the heritage of Hong Kong are harmoniously coupled with classically recognised gin tones to create the sumptuous and refreshing aromas of Perfume Trees Gin.

As Perfume Trees Gin is designed to be like a perfume with top, middle & base notes.

It is best start by sipping neat before the addition of ice.

Subsequently, enjoy it with tonic water in 1:3 ratio or 1:2 ratio.

Lastly, you can choose to garnish your gin & tonic with chamomile flowers or grapefruit peel.

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