Melbourne Moonshine Sour Mash Shine 700ml



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Unique and easy to drink, Moonshine is as white as the light it takes its name from. It’s the liquor of the people, made in secret and infused with the rebellious spirit of the folk who have distilled it away from prying eyes for generations.

In a deal sealed with a handshake, the Misters who make Melbourne Moonshine source their corn straight from a Victorian farm. This local corn is used to create the sour ‘wash’ (the distillers’ beer loaded into the still) which provides the warm, sweet, strong kick of a true Southern white lightning merged with the clean, refined and utterly enjoyable drinkability of a modern Melburnian drop.

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The South is a mysterious location; a wilderness, full of history.

It’s riddled with secret places, lonely spaces where a person could lose themselves – or find themselves.

Clear, strong and not to be trifled with, Melbourne Moonshine captures the true spirit of the American South.

This authentic and unique drop is borne from bespoke copper stills, now fired right here in our own South, the setting of our tale – South Melbourne.

Secreted away in an unassuming warehouse in the heart of South Melbourne, our alembic stills, hand crafted from copper hammered over tree stumps, do what we like to call the Lord’s work – making hooch.

The taste is something so particular, warming your throat all the way to your belly, that you couldn’t forget it, even if you tried.

This ain’t whiskey. This is moonshine.

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