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local sorghum, wheat, and Chishui River water from the town of Moutai, longan, wolfberry, hawthorn, angelica.
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Baijiu constitutes 40% market share of the world’s liquor market.

It is in the Top 10 most valuable spirits ranking by Brand Finance, with Chinese Baijiu taking up the top 5 spots in 2021 and Kweichow Moutai ranks top seat for years.

Over RMB 580 billion (US$90 billion) worth of Chinese Baijiu sales in 2021.

Brewing The Perfect Baijiu
It has the most complicated brewing process in the entire Chinese liquor industry. Taking 3-5 years of caging and brewing period to acquire perfect liquor quality with limited quantities and can only be produced at one location, Guizhou Province.

1 year production cycle
2 feeding periods
9 steaming sequences
8 fermentation cycles
7 liquor gathering sequences

Sorghum Grinding
Local grown organic glutinous sorghum is being grinded into a certain proportion.

Wetting & Steaming
The wet grains are being poured into distillation pots for steaming

Engineering Calculations
Steamed sorghum is spread evenly to cool down to a suitable temperature. Prepared fermentation is being mixed into the steamed grains.

Stacking Fermentation
The steamed grains are gathered into hemispheric stacks and open-air stacking fermentation process begins.

Fermenting in Room
Raw starter bricks are then arranged and separated with straws. This allows them to ferment in an enclosed space. The bricks are rearranged twice during the incubation period.

Taking Fermented Grains
Biological extract from longan meat, wolfberry, hawthorn and Angelica dahurica are added to the process.

Gathering Distillate
The mixture then goes through distillation before being gathered and processed on to filling production.

Putting liquor into cellar
The finished product is then put into the cellar. And finally, we have our Moutai Bulao.

Moutai Bulao Jiu was founded in 1984 and has been a key strategic brand and product in Moutai Group since 2018. It is the first of its kind to carry longan, wolfberry, hawthorn, angelica, giving it much smoother and better taste. A key to Moutai’s 10- year product strategy for global expansion.

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