Guinness Foreign Extra Stout Beer 24 x 320ml Cans


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  • Guinness® Foreign Extra Stout is a beer born of a thirst for adventure, tracing its origins back to a recipe for our West India Porter, first set out by Arthur Guinness II in 1801.
  • In the early 1800s, while other breweries were content to stay close to home, we struck out into unchartered territories, braving the perils of sea travel to export our famous black beer across the globe.
  • Brewed with more hops to preserve the beer in the ships’ holds during voyages of four-to-five weeks in tropical climes, the recipe yielded a powerful drink with a complex, fruity bittersweet flavour.
  • While our proudest invention to date arrived to be embraced by the rest of the world, back in the brewery the team remained focused on the journey ahead.
  • What was then known as West India Porter became the Foreign Extra Stout enjoyed today.
  • But as the body evolved, its soul remained the same. It’s where tradition meets innovation.And we’re proud to transport that across continents.
  • Fruit and caramel flavours begin, then smoky notes and a vibrant bitterness follow.
  • Where extra hops and a stronger alcohol percentage were once used to preserve the beer, allowing it to survive and thrive during long sea voyages, they now yield its bold taste and unique flavour profile.

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  • It takes an adventurous spirit and irrepressible ingenuity to do things the Guinness® way.
  • From our humble beginnings in 1759 to the present day, we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to bring you exceptional beer.
  • But, while many milestones mark the way on our long and illustrious path, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels.
  • As we like to put it: our greatest work is yet to come.
  • With Guinness® being enjoyed all over the world every day, we’re continuing to experiment and innovate in true pioneering style.
  • Our brewing methods might have been passed down since Arthur’s time, but they never stop evolving.
  • We’ve got a lot more beer to brew.

  • Colour: A rich dark liquid with a frothy head.
  • Nose: Strong, with pronounced fruity and roast character
  • Palate: A full-bodied palate of roast, fruity character. Initial tingling impact, bittersweet leading to a dry finish.

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