Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif Cognac 3000ml



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Perfect harmony and balance of aroma.

Complex, deep and extremely versatile, Courvoisier ® VSOP Exclusif Cognac is considered one of the finest cognacs in the world.

Combining spirits from different crus in the Cognac region, it has a memorable rich and sublime flavour that’s perfect for cocktails.

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In 1828, our founder, Felix Courvoisier, the true embodiment of joie de vivre, established Maison Courvoisier in Jarnac, the heart of France’s Cognac region. His spirit is reflected in our vibrant Maison Courvoisier style.

Our house style reveals the intricate nuances of our exuberant floral cognac. Subtle, lingering and exquisitely balanced, Maison Courvoisier draws upon the life, joy and rich history of this House, the Cognac region and its people so that every sip can be savored. This is something we define as Cognac in Blossom.

Our collection of exuberant cognacs is the heart of everything we do. Our signature styles reveal the intricate nuances of our craft and has led us to become the Most Awarded Cognac House based on 20 top spirits competitions since 2019 and the only cognac house to ever win the coveted “Prestige de la France” title.”

The character of each individual note is shaped by its terroir, grape, cask and years of maturation.

Ginger cookies: The vines produce round and smooth eaux de vie which, after distillation on the lees, develop complex aromas with rich spicy notes.

Roasted coffee: When the coopers toast our oak casks, the charred surface not only helps the eaux-de-vie soak into the wood better, but also gives the spirit a sweet roasted flavour.

Dried plums: Deep, fruity flavours are produced in the second stage of ageing as eaux-de-vie from different crus start to fully mature with the lees retained from our meticulous distillation method.

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