Brown Brothers Cienna 750ml [ Red Wine / Dessert Wine ]



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Summer berries in a glass.

Cienna was originally created by the CSIRO in 1972, with the aim of developing a wine to suit the Australian climate.

It is a wine style unique to Brown Brothers – a brilliant blend of Sumoll and Cabernet Sauvignon.

If you think you’ve heard the name Cienna before, chances are you have!

This wine shares the name of the colour Sienna, due to its striking and deep red hue.

Brown Brothers Cienna is an easy drinking wine that’s light and refreshing, with a vibrant ruby red colour.

It boasts aromas of fresh red berry with a hint of spice, and a finish that’s slightly fizzy.

In summer it’s ideal for making cocktails or a refreshingly chilled Sangria, and in winter it’s perfect for a delicious warming ‘Gluhwein’ or mulled wine.

Cienna is also a terrific base ingredient for baked goodies such as puddings and brownies.

We suggest pinching mum’s favourite recipe and getting creative in the kitchen!

This delightfully fruity drop is versatile enough to pair with everything from spicy Chinese hot pots, to mouth-watering meringue with mixed berries and fresh raspberry coulis.

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Wine Adventures since 1889

Brown Brothers have been pioneering adventures in wine since 1889. From our very first vintage to our ‘experimental’ Kindergarten Winery, our journey of four generations of family winemaking has been anything but dull.
Made for all kinds of adventurous spirits, every bottle of Brown Brothers opens the door to a new wine experience, coloured with excitement, nostalgia, and endless possibilities. “Whenever a bottle of our wine is opened, an adventure starts. Whether you’re seeing friends spontaneously, sharing a meal with family or celebrating a significant milestone, the possibilities are endless –– and that’s what wine adventures are all about”

Whenever a bottle of Brown Brothers wine is opened, an adventure begins.
Shot in the stunning King Valley region, this brand film celebrates all that is Brown Brothers; our home, our wines, and our people. Documented through rich cinematography, movement, colour, and sound, each scene hints at a playful yet artful interpretation of ‘Brown’. Filmed right here at our home in Milawa, surrounding Oxley and at our King Valley Vineyard, Banksdale, you may see some familiar faces of 3rd and 4th generation family!

Colour: In the glass, this wine is a vibrant ruby red colour.

Nose: Aromas of fresh red berry fruit and a hint of spice.

Palate: With fruit sweetness on the palate, it is rich and juicy with a refreshing light bubble to the finish.

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